Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Up Close and Personal

Written by Brian Shepherd 
A sniper typically targets the enemy from a safe distance to ensure that detection is impossible even after the shot finds its target.  A Navy SEAL or Army Ranger may need to target the enemy from an uncomfortably close distance while still ensuring he is not detected until the target is neutralized.  While stealth and zero detection by the enemy is key, the margin for error is slightly lower for the SEALs and Rangers who may end up in close hand-to-hand combat situations. With fly fishing for carp, you need to be both a sniper and a SEAL as you will have opportunities at carp that are 30 - 40 feet away as well as those right under your nose.

In my carp experiences, I am a better SEAL/Ranger than I am a sniper.  More than 80% of my carp have been caught at close range (within a rod's length or up to 10 feet).  This is where the suspended dap presentation comes in handy.  More to come on fly presentation and the situations that dictate your presentation method.

The result of stealth and making sure not to step on dry sticks or cacti when lining up for the shot.

Take advantage of the natural environment when looking for cover.  Camo face paint might be over the top but would be pretty fun.

Distances shown in the graph are my best estimates.  It is obviously easier to estimate shorter distances.  For longer distances, I estimate them in terms of rod lengths give or take another foot to account for the distance from rod to body.  Not an exact science but you get the idea. 

Like golf, sometimes it all comes down to the short game.

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