Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Are you kiddin' me? November carpin!

Written by Brian Shepherd

We had some beautiful warm days this November in Colorado.  The month ended with much colder days and a few snow storms to boot.  I took advantage of the warm days and continued my trend of catching carp every month since April.

The November numbers are certainly, and not surprisingly, the lowest of the year.  However, all of these fish were memorable and worthy of a photo or two.

Eight consecutive months of carp on the fly.
I have been experimenting with a pattern that I call the "baby craw nymph".  It is not revolutionary or ground-breaking by any means (most carp flies build upon others' ideas) but it incorporates tried and true elements of successful carp flies: head-down / head-stand look, drab colors, and general buggy profile.  To the average carp, it just screams "food".

Baby craw nymph

It has been fun.  Hoping to continue the trend in December.

Is it just me or does this carp look happy?

It does not get more fun that this!

November carp.

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