Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Throwing picks!

Written by Brian Shepherd

Here in Denver we have seen the Broncos defense dominate opponents this year by creating an incredible amount of turnovers.  I guess it is fair to say that the Broncos offense has also created a lot of turnovers...  Defenses gravitate towards the football and do everything in their power to take it away from the offense through interceptions, strip-sacks, or fumble recoveries.  The quarterback's job is to move the ball effectively through a combination of running and passing plays.  A quarterback cannot control another player's ability to protect the football, but a quarterback is ultimately responsible for ensuring that his passes land in his receiver's hands - not in the hands of defensive backs.

Sometimes you get picked off by the prey when chasing the predator.
In the water column of your local lake or stream, multiple species of fish are constantly competing for the same food sources.  Bigger and stronger does not necessarily drive the outcomes regarding who gets the food (though I am sure it helps).  More often than not it is likely more about quickness and situational awareness.  Anyone who has ever fly fished for carp has inevitably been "picked off" a few times by another species.  In some cases you are not even aware of it until you set the hook.  You might think that your target carp just moved on your fly - you set the hook only to see an 8-inch largemouth fly over your head and into the cottonwood behind you.  The commotion that happens in the water often puts the carp off and you are no longer on offense: you just threw a pick-6!

Getting picked off by another species of fish (or anything else such as crayfish and snapping turtles) can be frustrating, but, like any NFL quarterback, you will throw the occasional interception.  It should not be a game-changer though; just take a time-out and plan your next series once you get the ball back (i.e. when you find other carp who are willing to play).

Sometimes throwing picks can be interesting - especially when a monster bull head eats your fly.

Not the carp I was after but not a bad deal either.

Was really going after a grassie but this fella undercut the route and picked me off.

OK, I really should not complain.

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